How to Create The Perfect Party Playlist

How to Create The Perfect Party Playlist

A good playlist is absolutely key to throwing a great party. Music gets people moving and pumps up the energy in the room, so people will feel excited and ready to mingle. Music can also minimize any awkwardness if you are trying to introduce new people to each other, or are waiting for the room to fill up. Here are some tips to help you put together a good party playlist.


Mix up the genres.

You’ll want to appeal to everyone in the room, so the playlist should include great songs from several different genres unless you are throwing a theme party. Aim to have a good mix of pop, rock, hip-hop, R&B, and more, but stay away from genres that might be off-putting to some, like heavy metal or electronica.


Avoid depressing songs.

Although it is good to have a mix of tempos on your playlist, you should avoid any songs that could be seen as depressing or that will bring the energy in the room down. Instead, look for slow or mid-tempo songs that have a positive energy and will encourage people to be social.


Appeal to your group.

You likely already have an idea of what type of music your guests like, so you can use that knowledge to make sure they like what you are playing. For example, you can put songs on the playlist that reference inside jokes or previous events you’ve been at with your friends. If you’re all the same age, you could also include some fun nostalgia songs from when you were kids or when you were in college.


Build the energy.

You don’t want to have the best moments on your playlist right at the beginning. Instead, you should start with a simple crowd pleaser that will get the mood going, then slowly build the tempos for several songs until you hit something incredibly high tempo or high energy. Keep the energy going for a few songs, then slowly take it back down so people don’t get tired or overwhelmed. Then you can repeat that cycle all over again until the party’s done.


Combine hits with lesser-known gems.

You’ll of course want to make sure you have several songs that people can sing along to, but you’ll also want to include songs that your guests may not have heard of yet but are likely to enjoy. You’ll know you have created a successful playlist when a guest asks you what song you are playing!


Make sure your playlist is downloaded to your computer or mobile device.

The last thing you want to happen during your party is for the music to stop just because there’s an issue with your internet connection. You can avoid this by ensuring that all of the songs are downloaded to your device so that they will continue to play, and that they are all conveniently stored in one location, so all you have to do is hit play.

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