Winter Party Theme Ideas

Winter Party Theme Ideas

Winter is often considered the most dreary season of the year, but hosting fun parties and events can help get you out of that rut so that you can connect with your friends and enjoy being social. When planning a party, the first thing you need is a great theme. Here are some great themes that work particularly well in the winter.


Valentine’s Day

Although Valentine’s Day is often considered to be torturous for those who aren’t coupled up, it doesn’t have to be. Throw a Valentine’s Day party to get your close friends together and remember that some of the most important relationships in your life can be friendships. Decorate with some pink candles or fairy lights, serve pink wine and cocktails, and place bowls of chocolate sporadically around your home. If your crowd is up for it, you could also watch a cute, quirky romantic movie as well.


planning a partySnowed In

When the weather outside is awful, use it as an excuse to host a party. Get your friends together and warm up with comfort food like pasta or chicken. Don’t forget to serve some hot chocolate (or a warm alcoholic drink like a hot toddy or eggnog), and if you have a fireplace, make use of it by lighting a real fire to keep you warm. Keep some board or card games on hand as well – they’re the perfect activity for snuggling up by the fire.


Spa Night

If you’ve been craving some time with your girlfriends, put together a spa night to help them pamper themselves. Be sure to have plenty of wine and chick flicks on hand, as well as finger food for easy snacking. Assemble your favorite nail polishes, hair treatments, and face masks, and ask your girlfriends to do the same. It’s the perfect way to relax, particularly after a stressful work week.


Murder Mystery

This is the perfect theme for a classy dinner party, plus guests will be totally engaged in this fun activity idea. There are tons of free online murder mystery interactive games online, so find one you love and then give your guests the instructions ahead of time. You can even have them dress in character for a more interactive experience. Keep the decor for this one sleek and elegant, with candles and deep tones like gold and black. You could even add a masquerade element to the party to dress it up a bit.


Dance Party

What better way to warm up than by dancing the night away? If you have a fairly large living room (and neighbors who won’t mind a bit of noise!), you can easily turn it into a dance floor. Invest in some colorful lights or even a disco ball, and be sure to put together a killer playlist. Top it off by setting up a cocktail bar in the kitchen, and your guests will be sure to have a great time. Kick things up a notch by encouraging your guests to dress up as well.


Be sure to prepare all you need for your themed party. Some decorations are not easy to find so you might want to start looking on party retailers or contact a professional party organizer.

And don’t forget to wear comfortable and healthy shoes to the party

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